Estate Planning

It is never too early or late to start thinking about how you want to provide for your loved ones after your death. It is always best to consult with an attorney to not only draft your Will or Trust, but also work through the process of how to distribute your assets to avoid potential problems later on. Our attorneys understand that this is an extremely personal matter, and they have the patience, knowledge, and expertise to guide you through each difficult decision.

Will/Trust Contests

Family members are often upset by the distribution of a loved one’s property in a Will or Trust. However, if there is reason to believe that a Will or Trust was improperly drafted or a product of fraud, or that the decedent was unduly influenced or lacked capacity when he or she signed the Will or Trust, a challenge to its validity may be appropriate. Our attorneys are experienced in both pursuing and defending such claims.

Estate Administration

While some Wills trigger contentious family feuds and legal battles, many others involve complex legal issues that are too sophisticated or burdensome for an individual to handle on his own. If you have been named an executor of an Estate, knowing your rights and responsibilities is key to the effective administration of the Estate. We have advised executors and others owing fiduciary duties to an estate on many thorny financial issues that can arise during probate proceedings.

Representative Cases

In re Estate of Veverka
Case No. 09 P 5545 – Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Represented son and granddaughter in a Will contest who were disinherited after a distant relative befriended the decedent, convinced the decedent to name her power of attorney, and isolated decedent from the rest of her family and friends.

In re Estate of Lomanto
Case No. 10 P 1906 – Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Represented shareholder challenging the distribution of a decedent’s corporate stock through a Will when such stock was subject to a transfer restriction agreement.

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