The preparation of a successful appeal requires an entirely different set of skills than is required to win a trial. Appellate cases are often a battle of wits rather than a knock-down, drag-out fight which is frequently characteristic of a trial. Although most litigants choose to retain their trial counsel when their case is appealed, typically it is best to hire a new attorney who can bring a fresh perspective to the case. Whether you want to replace your trial attorney altogether, or simply wish to add us to the team of lawyers already working on your case, our experience in both federal and state appellate matters is invaluable. We have handled appeals in a variety of areas such as commercial litigation, civil rights, election law, and family law, just to name a few. Our attorneys will give your appeal the attention it deserves.

Representative Cases

Mitchell v. Cook County Officers Electoral Board, 399 Ill. App. 3d 18 (1st Dist. 2010) Represented candidate-appellant challenging opponent’s candidacy based on candidate’s and candidate’s circulators’ fraudulent conduct in procuring petition signatures.

Munao v. Munao, 2011 IL App. (1st) 101154 (unpublished) Represented wife-appellee in husband’s challenge to every aspect of the trial court judgment, including maintenance, distribution of property, and dissipation of marital assets.

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